The Reef HOA

Stuart, FL

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Incorporation Information


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Original Covenants Phase I

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Articles of Incorporation



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Amendment One: Seafield Land Corp., General Assessments, Floor Area of Dwellings, Setbacks, Roofs, Recreational and Commercial Vehicles, Mailboxes, Siding, Completion of Construction

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Amendment Two: Signs, Recreational and Commercial Vehicles

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Original Covenants and Bylaws Phase II. Bylaws were later adopted by the merged Phase I and II corporation.

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1180997Amendment One: Seafield Land Corp.
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Amendment Two: Lawns and Landscaping, Roofs, Amendment by Owners
NOTE: This document is labeled as First Amendment

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Amendment Three: Lawns and Landscaping, Amendment Approval
NOTE: This document is labeled as Second Amendment

Merger of Phase I and Phase II corporations into the The Reef Homeowners' Association, Inc.

Amendments Four/Two: ARB Approval (Phase II), Setbacks, Fences, Walls, Hedges, General Assessments, Antennae and other Rooftop Accessories, Mailboxes, Lawns and Landscaping, Roofs, Colors, Traffic Regulations, Fines

15314571531456Amendments Five/Three: Architectural Control - the ARB process, Residential use, Signs, Outside Displays, Irrigation, Refuse Containers, Leasing, Individual Assessments, Amendments
17476731747674Amendments Six/Four: Mailboxes, Roofs, Landscape Lighting, ARB Approval, Fences, Walls, Hedges 
21938612193860Amendments Seven/Five: (to harmonize Phase I and Phase II amendments) Suspension of Membership Rights, Common Areas, Property Maintenance, Assessments, Single Family Dwelling, Recreational and Commercial Vehicles, Signs, Colors,  ARB and Construction
Amendments Eight/Six: Subordination of Lien to Mortages

Amendments Nine/Seven: Subordination of Lien to Mortages

Notice of preservation of The Reef's Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions in compliance with the Marketable Record Title Act (MRTA)

Seascape agreement to cancel and terminate all access rights and easements for the Phase II tennis court.